Momentous milestone for Dorset Museum

There were celebrations at Dorset Museum this week (11 Aug) to mark the completion of structural work for its multi-million-pound refurbishment project. 

The ‘Topping Out’ ceremony saw the patron for the development project,  Lord Fellowes of West Stafford (pictured), place the final brick.

Staff and guests were then invited to join guided tours of the building, led by Dorset-based construction company Acheson.

Dr Jon Murden, Director of Dorset Museum said: “At times over the past few months I did not know whether we would reach this point this summer, but I am absolutely delighted to be joined by Lord Fellowes and the Acheson team to celebrate this tremendous milestone.

“Seeing the structural element of the build come together has made us even more excited for the future and what’s to come over the coming months. As a team, we are very much looking forward to moving into the next stages of the development which will see the museum turn into the state-of-the-art facility we promised, ready for you all to enjoy next year.”

You can see the speeches and ceremony on this YouTube video, and take a fascinating tour around the building with Jon Murden.

The new museum will open its doors in early 2021.

Wild Life in the Red

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