Hardy's Wessex

Group bookings

Bring your group to this once-in-a lifetime blockbuster exhibition!

  • The largest collection of Thomas Hardy objects ever displayed at one time
  • Many of these objects have never been on public display before
  • Four museums, four different exhibitions
  • Generous discounts for groups visiting more than one museum
  • Self-guided tours or tailored guided tours available
  • Discounted catering packages

Group booking prices (min 10 people)

Visit to one museum
Standard group rate. Please contact the individual museum: Dorset MuseumPoole MuseumThe Salisbury MuseumWiltshire Museum.
Visit to two museums
£10 per person. Please fill in the group bookings form and send to Wessex Museums.
Visit to three museums
£15 per person. Please fill in the group bookings form and send to Wessex Museums.
Visit to four museums
£20 per person. Please fill in the group bookings form and send to Wessex Museums. 

Hardy exhibition tours

Our Hardy exhibition curator, Harriet Still, is available for pre-booked specialist tours of the exhibitions at the rate of £225 per day to include her travel time and expenses.

Each museum has a trained tour guide who can be booked to give a Hardy tour for £30.

We can offer group rates for catering per person from:

£4.00   Tea/coffee/cake
£7.50   Lunch

Prices depend on requirements and all group catering will need to be booked in advance.

Please click on the relevant museum below for essential information and suggested itineraries.
Set in the heart of rural Dorset, and located in the market town of Dorchester
Read More
Set amidst the medieval streets of old Poole, close to the bustling quay
Read More
Located in the centre of Salisbury, under the spire of the famous cathedral
Read More
A short drive from the iconic Stonehenge in the market town of Devizes
Read More

Delve deep into the world of Thomas Hardy with these multi-museum trips:

Visit Dorset and Poole Museums to immerse yourself in the rural and maritime worlds that inspired Hardy.
Read More
Visit Salisbury and Wiltshire Museums to experience the urban and ancient worlds that inspired Hardy.
Read More
Delve deep into the world of Hardy and the landscapes that inspired him in this fantastic four-museum tour.
Read More

We are hugely grateful to Battens Solicitors for sponsoring this exhibition. 

This exhibition was made possible with a grant from the Weston Loan Programme with Art Fund. 

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Road Runner!

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Belly Buster!

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