Our Strategic Plan

Our ambition is to inspire more people to explore and enjoy the outstanding art and heritage of the region and to understand its significance to their lives. We will share the amazing story of the region in new and exciting ways and make a major contribution to the cultural, social and tourism economies of Dorset and Wiltshire.

Our aims fall into six categories:

To work across the partnership to strengthen our collections to ensure that they enable us to illustrate the history and context of Wessex.

To work across the partnership to strengthen our interpretation and develop new narratives about Wessex that are relevant to contemporary society.

To create shared programmes that unite us, animate our museums and audiences, and increase visitor numbers.

To develop relationships with existing and new, more diverse audiences through our programming.

To create, extend and sustain meaningful opportunities for children and young people to engage with our museums and collections.

To be dynamic, diverse and well-managed museums that achieve resilience, both independently and through our successful partnership.