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Are you inspired by our mission? Explore the latest career opportunities with Wessex Museums and partners. 

Through our EDI framework and action plan, Wessex Museums Trust is committed to ensuring that our organisation reflects the diversity of our region. We welcome applicants from all sections of the community, and particularly positively encourage applicants with lived experience from the communities currently underserved by our museums:

  • Individuals between the ages of 16 – 50 years old
  • Individuals from low-income backgrounds 
  • Disabled individuals, including physical, mental and invisible conditions 
  • Individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds 
  • LGBTQ+ individuals 

We and our partner museums are not recruiting right not, check back here for future career opportunities.

Graphic design and production for exhibition – Wessex Museums

Location: Own location

Fee: £2,920 + VAT (to include fee and production costs)

Contract start date: June 2024

Contract end date: December 2024

Closing date: 21 June 2024

Wessex Museums is seeking a graphic designer to design a graphic identity, produce the 2D exhibition graphics, and marketing assets for Un/Common people: folk culture in Wessex exhibition. The appointed designer will be expected to deliver and manage the following elements: 

  • Work with the curatorial/3D design team. Agree on a final graphics scheme for the exhibition and its marketing assets. 
  • Create a graphic identity for the exhibition with the curatorial/3D design team. Also, design artwork for labels, text panels, and other graphics. These will be used in the exhibition and for marketing at all venues. 
  • Work with the curatorial/3D design team to finalise layouts to accommodate the graphics. 
  • Manage the production of all graphics and arrange delivery to the first exhibition venue (Swindon). 
  • Create a set of digital assets and guidelines for Wessex Museums and its partner museums. The guidelines will be used by partners to make site-specific graphics, adaptable marketing assets, and online content. The graphics need to conform to accessibility guidelines, particularly in relation to typography, contrast and layout. 
To apply
For information on how to apply for the opportunity, please refer to the document above. Submissions should be emailed to by 21 June 2024. 

Senior Interim Change Leader – BCP Council 

Closing Date: 7 July 2024. 

An 18-month interim leadership opportunity at Poole Museum in Dorset. You will join the team at a time of considerable community and stakeholder interest ahead of the Museum’s reopening in Spring 2025 following a £10.3m capital redevelopment supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. 

BCP Council are urgently looking to appoint an inspirational senior leader to provide the vision and drive to guide the museum through the completion of the capital project in Spring 2025. The successful candidate will have substantial high-level leadership and management experience in a cultural organisation and be able to deliver a sustainable future for the museum. 

Trustee Finance Lead – Wessex Museums 

Closing Date: 2 September 2024.  

The Wessex Museums Trust is seeking a new independent trustee to join the Board as Finance Lead. The role of the Finance Lead is to maintain a strategic overview of the Trust’s finances. We are seeking applicants with a strong regional connection who can provide diverse perspectives. We welcome applicants with a strong regional from all sections of the community and would particularly encourage applicants from ethnic minority and lower socio-economic backgrounds, which are currently underrepresented on our Board of Trustees. 


To apply
For information on how to apply for the opportunity, please refer to the document above. Applications should be emailed to by 2 September 2024. 

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