Lydiard House Museum

Discover the enchanting history of Lydiard House – a striking Grade I listed building at the heart of Lydiard Park. Wander through the elegant State Rooms, where ornate plasterwork and original family furnishings are on display alongside portraits and photographs of the St John family, who lived here from Elizabethan times.


Telephone: 01793 465270

Address: Lydiard House Museum, Lydiard Green, Lydiard Tregoze, Swindon, SN5 3PA

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Lest We Forget Exhibition at Wiltshire Museum

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget The Black Contribution to the World Wars in Wiltshire Wiltshire Museum  Lydiard House Museum  The Salisbury Museum   Lest We Forget is

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Sawfish are also called carpenter sharks...but they are rays, not sharks!

There’s also a species called a sawshark, but that’s, well, a shark!

What the heck is a lek?

Males great bustards perform spectacular courtship displays, gathering at a ‘lek’ or small display ground to try to impress the females.

Road Runner!

The great bustard has a dignified slow walk but tends to run when disturbed, rather than fly.

Belly Buster!

The hen-bird on display at The Salisbury Museum was one of the last great bustards to be eaten in the town!

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