Dorset Museum director moves on

We would like to pass on our congratulations and best wishes to Dr Jon Murden, Executive Director of Dorset Museum, who will be leaving the museum after 12 years. Jon is set to take on a new role as Chief Executive of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire.

Kristina Broughton, Wessex Museums Partnership Manager, said:

“On behalf of everyone at Wessex Museums, I would like to offer our huge congratulations to Jon on his new appointment, which can only be described as a ‘dream job’ for him. We are of course devastated to lose Jon, who has been Director of Dorset Museum since our inception and has played a significant role in shaping and developing Wessex Museums as a partnership and an organisation. Simultaneously, Jon led Dorset Museum through an incredible period of redevelopment, providing Dorset with a 21st century museum and securing Wessex’s heritage and place as an outstanding cultural destination.

“But we’re not letting him get away from Wessex completely – we are grateful and fortunate that Jon will continue with Wessex Museums as an independent trustee for the Wessex Museums Trust and as such continue to support our partnership going forward.”

Glyn Coy and Gill Donnell, co-chairs of the Wessex Museums board of Trustees, added:

“Whilst we are sorry to see Jon leave Dorset, one of our partner museums, we unreservedly send him many congratulations and best wishes for his new role at the National Motor Museum. Jon has been an instrumental part of the set up and growth of Wessex Museums Trust and we are delighted that he has chosen to stay on as an independent trustee, allowing us to benefit from his support and expertise as we continue to move forward.”

Read the statement from Dorset Museum here.

Wild Life in the Red

What do you think about our exhibition?

Sawfish are also called carpenter sharks...but they are rays, not sharks!

There’s also a species called a sawshark, but that’s, well, a shark!

What the heck is a lek?

Males great bustards perform spectacular courtship displays, gathering at a ‘lek’ or small display ground to try to impress the females.

Road Runner!

The great bustard has a dignified slow walk but tends to run when disturbed, rather than fly.

Belly Buster!

The hen-bird on display at The Salisbury Museum was one of the last great bustards to be eaten in the town!

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