Create and Collect for Climate Change

Young girl holding a shell to her ear

Create and Collect for Climate Change was a project specifically aimed at engaging children and young people with our museum spaces. We used the narrative of climate change because this is one of the biggest issues facing young people today.

The community groups involved included the Dorset Goes Wild Facebook group, the Dorset Race Equality Council’s Youth Empowerment Platform, students from Budmouth Academy in Weymouth, the Rise 61 Youth Club in Salisbury, and Wiltshire based branches of Girl Guiding and the Scouts Association. 

The outputs from the project were fed into our online exhibition, My World, My Future.

Watch the videos about the project on our YouTube Channel, including the online talks programme.

Sawfish are also called carpenter sharks...but they are rays, not sharks!

There’s also a species called a sawshark, but that’s, well, a shark!

What the heck is a lek?

Males great bustards perform spectacular courtship displays, gathering at a ‘lek’ or small display ground to try to impress the females.

Road Runner!

The great bustard has a dignified slow walk but tends to run when disturbed, rather than fly.

Belly Buster!

The hen-bird on display at The Salisbury Museum was one of the last great bustards to be eaten in the town!

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